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The 6th International Conference on
Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing
4 - 8 November 2024
Sydney, Australia


6th International Conference
Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing

Sydney, Australia

Doltone House – Darling Island

The 6th Conference and Workshop on Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing (Spin Qubit 6) brings together world-leading researchers from the field of solid-state, spin-based quantum information processing to participate in a 5-day conference and workshop based in Sydney, Australia.

The topics will cover different spin-based quantum bit implementations such as donors in silicon, gate-defined quantum dots in GaAs, SiGe and SiMOS, holes and Ge hole gases and Ge nanowires. There will also be some focus on fabrication, algorithms and cryogenic control electronics.


4 – 8 November, 2024

Invited Speakers

Anasua Chatterjee

Copenhagen / TU Delft

Andrea Hofmann

University of Basel

Andreas Heinrich

IBS Quantum Nanoscience, Seoul, Korea

Andreas Kuhlmann

University of Basel

Charlie Tahan

University of Maryland

Dafei Jin

University of Notre Dame / Argonne

Daniel Loss

University of Basel

Elizabeth Champion

University of Rochester

Guido Burkard

University of Konstanz

Hendrik Bluhm

ARQUE Systems

Jelena Klinovaja

University of Basel

Jörg Wrachtrup

University of Stuttgart

Klaus Ensslin

ETH Zurich

Łukasz Cywiński

Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Mark Eriksson


Mark Johnson

Quantum Motion

Natalia Ares

University of Oxford

Pasquale Scarlino

EPFL Lausanne

Rebekka Gareis


Robert Joynt


Sankar Das Sarma

University of Maryland

Valla Fatemi

Cornell University

Xuedong Hu

SUNY Buffalo

Yann-Michel Niquet

CEA Grenoble

Youn Seok Lee

Photonic Inc

Yujeong Bae

QNS, 'Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology)

This conference is chaired by Prof. Andrew Dzurak, Prof. Sue Coppersmith, Prof. Andrea Morello, and A/Prof. Dimi Culcer.

Local organizing committee:

  • A/Prof. Arne Laucht
  • Dr Henry Yang
  • Dr Nard Dumoulin Stuyck
  • Esra Ertan

Program committee:

  • Prof. Guido Burkard
  • Dr Maja Cassidy
  • Prof. Sue Coppersmith
  • A/Prof. Dimi Culcer
  • Prof. Andrew Dzurak
  • Prof. Alex Hamilton
  • Prof. Jelena Klinovaja
  • A/Prof. Arne Laucht
  • Prof. Daniel Loss
  • Prof. Andrea Morello
  • A/Prof. Jarryd Pla
  • Dr Henry Yang
  • Prof. Dominik Zumbuhl
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